Sensory Development

DinoDuo helps you understand role of the sensory systems in your preschool child.

Your child is constantly moving and interacting with the world around them, learning about the texture, weight and feel of those things that it touches as they move through their world. Your child also learns the effects of gravity and the effects of movement on their bodies. They learn a lot about their own bodies as the push and pull , lift and throw , turn and roll , get mucky or get food all over themselves.
The preschool child learns about the nature of the world around them through their sensory systems. The world of the pre schooler is full of sensory experience. Dino Duo wants to show parents and carers the importance of the sensory systems in your child’s development . It wants to provide lots of fun activities and changes in the environment to help a child develop their sensory systems and reap the many benefits of a developed sensory systems

The seven senses

What , seven you say. I thought there was only five. We are all familiar with the following five senses
• Touch (Tactile)
• Sight (Vision)
• Sound (Auditory Sense)
• Smell (Olfactory Sense)
• Taste (Gustatory Sense

There are two other senses that are very important
• Vestibular Sense (movement)
The Vestibular system is our balance and movement sense.
It tells us if we are moving and how fast we are moving.

• Proprioception (Body Position)
Proprioception gives us the sense of where our body is in space