Proprioception: The Power of Push and Pull


Proprioception, sometimes known as the 6th sense, is a very important sense.  This is the sensory system that helps us learn to move. Proprioception is also involved in laying down the blue print for all our learnt movement. A good proprioceptive system is very important for smooth, co-ordinated movement.

Propriceptive receptors are embedded in all our muscles and in our tendons.  They provide sensory information that tells us

  • where are our parts of our body
  • what direction we are moving our body parts
  • The speed we are moving at
  • It tells us how much force we are exerting
  • it tells us how heavy the object is that we are carrying

Dinoduo has lots of fun ideas on how to give your pre-schooler lots of proprioceptive information. All this proprioceptive feedback will help your pre-schooler develop good motor control and co-ordination.  The proprioceptive system sends information when your pre-schooler is involved in lots of active play and heavy work activities. So come on, get your pre-schooler busy. Try some of the following over the weekend.

  •  Climbing activities: climbing trees, climbing up on height, play areas
  • Crawling activities, crawling obstacle course, crawling through tunnels

  • Carrying heavy objects, heavy toys,  helping with the shopping
  • Pushing and pulling activities, pushing a wheelbarrow or pram, moving furniture, trying to push their Mammy or Daddy ,
  • Hanging from suspended equipment, trapeze swing, chin up bar, monkey bars

  • Digging: in sand, garden etc
  • Playdough, all that kneading provides the hands with lots of deep pressure proprioception
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