Blown Away 2

Last week Dinoduo gave you lots of ideas for blowing bubbles to help your child calm down at times when they are over whelmed or upset.  Blowing games are a great way to help your child relax. Blowing activities are very useful for lots of other areas of development for your preschool child.

  • Blowing games develops your child’s oral motor muscles, those muscles that are so important for talking, eating, smiling and laughing.
  • Blowing games are great for developing breath control, another important component of talking, singing and playing a musical instrument.
  • Having good blowing skills is important when learning to swim to ensure the water does not go up your nose or into your lungs.
  • Deep blowing activity works the diaphragm and the respiratory muscles, important for aerobic activity

Here are a few more fun blowing activities to try at home with your pre schooler


Windy day

Hold a light tissue in front of your child and have your child blow the tissue like it is a windy day. Start by gentle blowing like a summer breeze; gradually increase the depth of breathing so that it is a wild windy day. Count how long your child can keep the tissue afloat.

Table soccer

This is a game for two people. Use the short end of the table and mark out a pitch using books, tape etc.

Each player has a straw and there is a ping pong ball in the middle. The players blow on their straw to move the ping pong ball to their opponent’s edge of the table. Score a point when the ball is blown over the edge.

Obstacle Blow

Use rolls of playdough to mark out a walled labyrinth course on a table, Place a ping pong between the playdough walls.  Start at the entrance of the labyrinth. Using a straw, have your pre-schooler blow the ping pong ball to the exit of the labyrinth.

Novelty Party Blowers

Check out the bargain shops for lots of blowing novelty toys and whistles. Party blowers, novelty whistles and mouth organs all are great blowing fun and can have lots of noisy blowing activity.

Water bubbles

Next time your child is in the bath or the pool, have them blow on the top of the water to make a bubble. As they get more confident with this,  bring their mouth to the water to blow bubbles in the water. This is such an important skill for learning to swim so it is well worth practicing.

Blowing ping pong balls on the water is great fun pol activity.  Buying those blow floating toys that flip over when you blow them are worth the investment.

  Dinoduo have special flutes that play a note when you blow them in the water.

Dandelion Heads

Don’t forget the good old game of blowing dandelion heads. Remember the number of blows it takes to remove all the seeds if the time you will get married at!!

So go on, have fun with these  blowing games .

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