Blown Away!

Does your preschool child get wound up and over excited at times. The day in the life of the preschool child is very busy, rushing around, learning lots and lots, developing all the social niceties of dealing with others.  Would you like some ideas to help settle your pre-schooler when they are over wrought? Dinoduo have some nice ideas to help your child take a deep breath and settle themselves. Deep breathing has been used since olden times as a way of calming the system.  Just think of how breathing is used in yoga and meditation to support relaxation.  Your child will find it difficult to follow the instruction “Take a deep breath” but offering blowing activities helps your child take a big breath before they blow out.   Try the following bubble activities the next time your child seems like they are getting worked up.  No need to wait until they are upset, these activities will also help your child stay calm and relaxed when offered throughout the day.   And they are lots of fun!

Bubble blowing

Have your child blow bubbles from a wand. Your child may find it difficult to blow hard enough. If they cannot blow hard enough, blow the bubble yourself and catch the formed bubble on the wand, this is easier for your child to blow.

Bubble Snakes  

Take a plastic water bottle, remove the bottom end and place an old sock on the cut end using an elastic band.

Place some bubble mixture in a saucer and place the sock end of your blow toy in the bubble mixture to cover. Have your child take the bottle neck to their mouth and blow

The harder your child blows, the longer the snake.

Add some food die to the sock to get coloured bubbles

Blow paint

Give your child a straw and some plain paper. Provide some watered down paint in containers.

Have your child dribble some paint on the sheet of paper and then using the straw , blow on the paint to make some cool designs.  Watch the designs emerge as the colours mix.

Bubble Mountain

Put some washing up liquid in a plastic bowl or bottle with some water. Stand the container in a larger bowl to catch the bubbles.  Give your child a straw and have him/ her to blow into the water. Watch the bubbles form as your child blows. Very soon the bubbles will come tumbling over the top like a volcano. Add some food colouring to add to the excitement. Make sure your child is blowing out, not sucking in or they will have a very soapy mouth!!

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