Active Play for St Patrick’s Day


Dinoduo have some great active play ideas for St Patricks Day. Have fun with the following ideas over the St Patricks weekend.


Find the Leprechaun Gold.

Cut out some gold coins from cardboard and hide them around the house or out in the garden.  Count how many coins you have hidden so you know when all the coins have been collected. Remember to hide some coins where they are easy to find and some coins in more difficult places.  Give your pre- schooler a bucket or basket and set them off to find all the gold.   Give your child hints like “getting hotter” or getting colder” if your child is getting frustrated.    You can have a small treat or prize for your pre-schooler if all the coins are found.


The Shamrock Trail.

Using green chalk, draw a trail of green shamrocks on the floor or out on the footpath, spacing them 12” apart approximately. Have your child step along the shamrock trail, one foot on each shamrock to get to the end of the trail. If they step off the shamrocks then back to the beginning.

Using the shamrock trail, have your pre-schooler jump from one shamrock to the next. Remember to bend the knees and use the arms.  See how many shamrocks they can jump to without stopping.

Have your child jump on the shamrock and then “stick”, trying to hold their balance so they don’t step off the shamrock.


Green Balloon trail

Hang a string the length of a room; make sure there is a clear pathway beneath the string. Hang green balloons along the length of the string, just out of arms reach of your pre-schooler.  Have your child walk beneath the balloons, jumping up to bat each balloon.

Roll up newspaper and secure with tape to make a bat, give your child the bat and have them walk the trail, batting each balloon with the bat.


Marching Band

Put on the  music and pretend to be marching  in a marching band in the parade, lift the legs and “ 1, 2 3, 4 “ of you go marching.

Get two saucepan lids and bang them together as you march along.

Dance a jig  

No St Patricks day is complete without dancing a jig, so on with the Irish music. Point those toes and dance your “1, 2 3’s” together with your pre-schooler.  Guaranteed to have you both laughing and out of breath in no time.

Happy St Patrick ’s Day to everyone from Dinoduo. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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