Rolling Around Games

Hankle and Roary share lots of their favourite rolling games for you to try with your pre-schooler.  Remember; make sure your child rolls to both sides equally.

Rolling  Skittles

Set up some skittles (some empty milk cartons will do if you have no skittles) at the short end of a mat. Have your child lie down at the opposite short end, lying length ways to the short end.  On go, have your child roll along the mat , try and knock down the skittles.

Pencil Roll

Have your child lie across the short end of a mat, with both hands into their side. On go, have your child roll the length of the mat like a pencil, keeping the hands into the side.

Jigsaw roll

Place an insert jigsaw puzzle at one end of the mat and the insert pieces on the other end (use the short end of the mat).   On go, your child has to take one of the jigsaw pieces and roil the length of the mat to place the piece in the insert jigsaw. Your child then rolls back for the next piece. Your child keeps on rolling until all the pieces are in the insert jigsaw.  You can change the position of the hands to have your child work different muscles.

Tunnel Roll

This is a great one for out in the garden or for a big open space. Have your child lie in a canvas tunnel.  Encourage your child to roll the tunnel in different directions.  Close supervision is needed.

Sausage Roll

This is Hankle’s favourite. Fold a blanket in half or in thirds depending on the size.   Place the folded blanket out on the floor and have your child lie on one end of it. Taking the end of the blanket, roll your child up in the blanket. When you have your child completely rolled up in the blanket, take the end of the blanket and on a count of three, lift the blanket edge up so that your child rolls free of the blanket.  Be prepared to play this over and over again!

Bubble Wrap roll

Place some bubble wrap on the mat. Have your child lie down on the bubble wrap and roll backwards and forwards trying to pop as much of the bubble wrap as possible.

Rolling Train

Have you more than one pre-schooler? Have them all lie side by side on the floor or at one end of a large mat.  On go, have them all roll together, trying to keep up with their friends. Sure to get a few giggles going.


So off ye go, get rolling around and remember to have fun.

copyright Dinoduo 2019