Dinoduo get Messy

Dinoduo get Messy!!


Hankle and Roary love messy play. They love spending time with their friends getting “stuck in” and getting messy. Here are their top 5 messy play ideas.  Have a go at home. Remember wear old clothes!

Not all children enjoy messy play. If your child is reluctant to get down and dirty that is ok, they may not like that particular texture. Show him/ her how much you are enjoying the messy play.  Provide some utensils to allow your child to play with the messy play-stuff without having to touch it; gradually they will begin to get more involved. Provide a wet facecloth or wipes and allow your child to wipe their hands if they are upset by the messy play on their hands. They will gradually build up their confidence as they have more and more exposure to the messy play.

Top 5 messy play ideas (remember, if your child tends to mouth items then ensure you are using  nontoxic messy play)


  1. “Gloop” – cornflour and water make a lovely sticky gooey texture that is soft on the hands. You can add food colouring to give it some colour. Add sparkles or grains of rice to give it added texture.
  2. Playdough- DinoMam makes her own playdough. She will share the recipe with you. Hours of fun can be had with playdough, rolling, modelling, cutting, making shapes and letters. Making pictures. The  possibilities are endless
  3. Shaving Foam (Whipped cream from a can if your child mouths everything). Spray a little foam or cream on a table or a surface you can wipe clean. Dinoduo often use the fridge or their easel. Get stuck in, drawing faces, shapes, letters, anything that takes your fancy. The fun is in smoothing it off with your hand and starting again. Just like a tactile Magna Doodle!
  4. Sticky stuff- put some PVA glue in a small container and provide your child with lots torn up colour paper,  cotton wool,  feathers, leaves,  wool, string, material , coloured pieces of plastic……………. Give them a big sheet of paper and let them create their masterpiece, using their fingers to spread the glue and then sticking the items onto the page. If your child is very reluctant to touch the glue, use a paintbrush.
  5. Hankel’s favourite is finger painting. Give your child a big sheet of paper and some colours in a small container and let him/her The more she/ he spreads the paints the more creative the masterpiece. Little sprinkles of sand, rice, sparkles can add to the tactile experience

So come one , get messy.

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