Active Travel

Photo by Sue Zeng on Unsplash

Congratulations to all you pre-schoolers who have just started preschool!
Dinoduo hopes you are all settling in well and having lots of fun with lots of new activities and making new friends. Dinoduo loves to see all the bright new faces starting fresh or returning after their summer break.
It is recommended that a preschool child gets 3 hours active play every day. This can be hard to fit into a busy schedule. The start of a new preschool year is a great time to consider including some active travel into your child’s day as you travel to and from preschool. The mornings are lovely and bright. It is wonderful opportunity to lay down good foundations of active travel for life. Make wonderful memories as you hold your child’s hand while walking together or chat as they scoot or cycle alongside you. It is so much easier to give your child your full attention when you are not negotiating traffic.
Dinoduo loves to see children skipping beside their parents, touching the leaves as they pass a hanging bush, smelling flowers or jumping into a puddle as they make their way to and from preschool.
Try the following Active Travel ideas to and from preschool
• Scoot or cycle
• Walk
• Park the car a little further from the preschool so you get to walk or chat for a few minutes longer
• Skip along with your child
• Jump over the lines in the footpath
• Start a walking bus with other parents. Designate a suitable gathering point and a suitable time and walk together with other parents and children. A wonderful way to get to meet other parents

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