Tummy Time is Tough Work!

Does your pre-schooler find lying on their tummy hard work?  Do they wriggle out of the position into side lying or come out of the position after a very short time.  For some children it can be very difficult to stay on their tummy for any length of time. If your child is finding tummy time tough work, Dinoduo has some ideas to help.  Try the following when encouraging them to play on their tummy.

  • Place cushions or a rolled up towel under your child’s chest bone to provide some extra support. Encourage your child to bring their elbows forward so that they rest in front of the roll or the cushion.
  • Lie on a bean bag, with their elbows on the floor and the bean bag providing support under the chest bone.
  • Lie over a peanut roll or physio roll (it is more stable than a therapy ball), sometimes available in the discount retail stores or online. See photo below. Place their books, toys , i-pad on the floor in front of them.
  • Lie over a roll placed under the chest bone. Wrap and tape a towel around a filled 2 litre plastic bottle to make a perfect roll.



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