Tummy Time for Preschoolers


Dinoduo knows the importance of tummy time for pre-schoolers. The best position for playing on their tummy is to lie with the weight equally distributed through both shoulders on flexed elbows. The elbows should be positioned just level with or slightly forward of the shoulders like the girl in the photo. The hips should be level with both legs straight out behind. Some children get very tired in this position and have lots of strategies to compensate.

Watch out for the following as they may be signs that your child has difficulty taking up the tummy lying position and may need to strengthen their back and shoulder muscles

  • Child refuses to lie on their tummy
  • Child comes out of lying on their tummy after a very short period of time
  • Child tends to collapse over onto one shoulder
  • Child brings both knees up under chest
  • Child brings one or two legs out to the side
  • Child rolls into side lying
  • Child lies flat on the ground after a short time on tummy

So c’mon.  Get a comfortable mat or blanket and   bring the toys, books and screens onto the floor and have your child spend 10-20 minutes every day lying on their tummy.

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