Tummy Time: Not just for babies

Tummy Time: Not just for babies

Tummy time is so important for young babies to help develop their motor skills. The Dinoduo know that lying on your tummy is equally as important for the preschool child.  Lying on your tummy for 20 minutes a day

  • Develops shoulder and upper limb strength
  • Develops stability in the shoulder complex as the child shifts weight from one arm to the other
  • Develops back strength
  • Develops balance reactions in the prone position
  • Stretches the hip muscles to the front of the thigh
  • Helps strengthen the stability muscles of the hip joint
  • Helps model the hip bones to develop good joint alignment
  • Develops the vestibulo-ocular reflex that is so important for ¬†stabilising an image on the retina of the eye

And so much more, the list goes on and on.

Over the next few weeks Dinoduo will bring you lots of fun tummy time activities

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

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